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Thema: Russische Suizide(Jugendlichen) in Verbindung mit Anime kritisiert

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    Post Russische Suizide(Jugendlichen) in Verbindung mit Anime kritisiert

    In der Kritik steht ein Bericht wo man die Schuld von Suiziden an Russischen Jugendlichen in Zusammenhang mit Anime vermutet.

    Laut dem Bericht hat das internationale Radio "The Voice of Russia" einen Artikel erfasst am 16.Feb. 2012, in der man die Suizide untersucht hat von den 6 Jugendlichen vor 10 Tagen.

    So ein Bericht regt natürlich an sich Mal wieder Gedanken zu machen, was Anime und Manga in gewisse Kindern, Jugendlichen und Erwachsene alles auslösen/verändern.

    Bericht und Quelle:

    Report Linking Russian Suicides with Anime Criticized

    Japanese posters criticize radio service's article proposing connection

    The international radio broadcast service The Voice of Russia posted an article this week that discusses a possible link between anime and a recent wave of suicides among young people in Russia. In the ten days prior to the original article's posting, six junior high school students committed suicide in Russia. The article noted that most of them had a strong interest in Japanese anime while they came from good families and received good grades.

    Olga Mahovskaya, a youth psychology specialist, commented in the article that "anime by itself cannot be the cause of teenage suicides." However, she asserted that because anime blurs the line between the real world and "virtual culture" and "romanticizes death," anime viewing could contribute to teenagers' decisions to end their lives.

    Japanese anime and manga fans have responded to the article on forums and blog sites. One person replied that "for young children, I think Japanese late-night anime is no good. But really, something like Dragon Ball or One Piece might be OK. Naruto might be questionable." Mahovskaya said that stories of girls joining together to commit suicide (as a mark of their never-ending friendship) are prevalent in anime, which prompted a fan to write, "I've never seen an anime like that!" Another reader reacted, "I don't understand, I don't think there are anime that endorse suicide."

    The article reported that 1,500 deaths result from 4,000 teenage suicide attempts in Russia every year. Japan's relatively high rate of youth suicides spurred the Japanese government to begin publishing an annual "Suicide Counter-Measure White Paper" in 2007.

    Hier noch der Bericht von The Voice of Russia:

    Can anime really provoke suicide?

    Russia is swamped by a suicide wave among teenagers. Over the last ten days six school age kids voluntarily committed suicide. All of them were from good families and all did well at school. And what is more interesting, many of them were avid fans of Japanese anime. Can anime really provoke suicidal mood? What drives the generation of IPad and Twitter to end their lives? Olga Makhovskaya, a leading specialist on children and teenage psychology talks about the influence of Japanese animation on unformed kid's psychic.

    «Of course anime by itself cannot be the cause of teenage suicides. But it is a visual art that attracts many teenagers and that intensifies all their feelings. And death, the heroics of death that is typical of the Japanese culture a lot more than other cultures, often serves as a measure of friendship or loyalty. To jump down from a high-rise together holding each other's hand – it is specifically typical of girls' behavior. Heroic adventures of girls, stories of inseparable friendship between girls – these are all anime stories. I know how much our kids like Japanese anime sometimes starting as early as at the age of 6. It is a whole subculture that despite varying story lines and styles all romanticizes death. And one cannot exclude indirect influence. Anime also erases borderline between reality and virtual culture. Sometimes virtual culture due to its graphic imagery appears to be brighter and richer than real life. Teenage suicides have one specific thing in common: they don't realize that it is the absolute end and that there will be nothing afterwards. They don't understand how irreversible death is. In their minds it is really just a transition to some other world...»

    In anime there are oftentimes characters that simply chase death, asking for trouble, but death passes them by only to grab those who had no plans to die. There are also characters with a philosophic view of life and death that claim that life is just a game.

    It has been noticed that suicides among kids are more frequent after long vacation periods, when conflicts at school are aggravated or resumed, as well as conflicts between kids and their parents, which is the cause of most suicides. Sometimes this impulsive decision to kill oneself is connected to overwhelming emotions. It is not so much an attempt to end one’s life, but a cry for help, attempt to draw attention to oneself and one’s problems. But sometimes suicide is a planned out act with the sole purpose to end one's life at all cost. Life can become so intolerable for teenagers that they seek means to leave this world, they visit web sites that cultivate the theme of death, where one can make an agreement with likeminded teenagers about the «last step».

    According to statistics, there are 4,000 suicide attempts in Russia every year, of which 1,500 actually result in death. However, teenage suicides happen not only in Russia. Japan remains in the top ten countries as far as teenage suicide rate goes. In2007 the Japanese government published the White Book on fighting suicides that lists 46 measures to fight suicides. The Japanese specialists shared some of the measures used in Japan with their Russian colleagues.

    A few years ago a representative of the Japanese Parliament who oversaw the specific issue of stopping teenage suicides and the president of the International Federation of Cheerleaders visited Saint Petersburg. It is a known fact that teenagers feel more secure if they belong to a certain group. After in-depth study of numerous cases of teenage suicides Japanese scientists and psychologists decided to use this instrument in the shaping of the psychic of a growing kid. Cheerleading like nothing else builds team spirit among teenagers, allows them to feel friendly support, teaches leadership skills, optimism and successfulness. It is no accident that over 3 million Japanese teenagers are engaged in cheerleading, and it is an obligatory subject in the Japanese secondary school curriculum. After the visit of the Japanese delegation to Saint Petersburg active rise of cheerleading began here. And many parents now mention with gratitude that before cheerleading classes their kids were more abrasive and introverted, did not do as well at school and had bad habits, while now they were cheerful and cordial.

    Ich konnte mir jedoch nicht ein Schmunzeln verkneifen als ich den Bericht gelesen habe in dem Zusammenhang:

    Japanese anime and manga fans have responded to the article on forums and blog sites. One person replied that "for young children, I think Japanese late-night anime is no good. But really, something like Dragon Ball or One Piece might be OK. Naruto might be questionable."

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    AW: Russische Suizide(Jugendlichen) in Verbindung mit Anime kritisiert

    10 von 10 Amokläufern essen Brot !
    auch 10 von 10 Selbstmörder haben regelmässig Brot gegessen !

    Darum verbietet Brot ! Dann wird alles besser !

    *Ironie Schild aufstell*
    (Ja ich bin ein neuer Kuma ! )
    *Klick mich wenn du mehr über mich Erfahren willst*

    »In zwanzig Jahren wirst Du mehr enttäuscht sein von den Dingen die Du nicht getan hast, als von den Dingen, die Du getan hast!
    Also wirf die Leinen los. Verlasse den sicheren Hafen. Lass den Passatwind in Deine Segel wehen.
    Erforsche. Träume. Entdecke.
    « Mark Twain

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    AW: Russische Suizide(Jugendlichen) in Verbindung mit Anime kritisiert

    Es ist schon so, dass Suizid in Japan einen anderen Stellenwert hat als bei uns (oder Russland). Was aber noch lange nicht heisst, dass Produkte aus Japan einem dazu bringen das eigene Leben zu beenden. Wer Birchermüesli oder Fondue isst kriegt ja auch nicht das dringende Bedürfnis sich auf einen Berg zu stellen und Alphorn zu spielen. d:

    Aber es liegt in der Natur des Menschen Sündenböcke zu suchen. Man ist nie selber schuld, egal was es ist.

    Das fängt bei Kleinigkeiten an: Ist man pünktlich, liegt das an der perfekten Planung, ist man zu spät ist das Wetter schuld. Oder die SBB. Oder die Verkehrslage.

    Und bei Kleinigkeiten hört es nicht auf. Ich weiss nicht, irgendwie habe ich so viele Male gehört, dass mein Hobby schlecht für mich ist, ich kann nicht mal mehr sagen, dass ich drüber lache. Es langweilt mich einfach. Ich habe nur noch das Gefühl von "ach, schon wieder".

    Immerhin sind wir der gleichen Meinung, was die Qualität von Naruto angeht.
    * /gets shot*
    In Peace, Vigilance. In War, Victory. In Death, Sacrifice.

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